Drool Rash Treatment & Home Remedies

Drool rash is not an unusual type of rash for your children. Drool rash in babies takes place when enamels are coming in. This kind of rash is not a harmful one and parents should not worry a lot if the kid gets affected by this rash.

For a baby, Drool rash is probably uncomfortable. But, caregivers are there to help them out from Drool rash following a few straightforward home remedies.

In this article, I am going to give you a detailed brief about Drool rash and other common types of rash that are happening to kids, especially. What are the causes, when to see a doctor, what could be the possible treatment? And in the end, a FAQ section will quench all your thirst regarding a Drool rash. However, let’s start rolling together.

What is a Drool Rash?

What is a Drool Rash


As I said earlier, due to the teething, kids are getting affected by Drool rash. But few incidents are also there when babies are facing the Drool rash problem even if they are not getting new teeth.

When your kid is affected by Drool rash, you will find the continuous presence of saliva at the different parts of your baby’s chin, neck, or even in the chest area. This saliva can turn into red itchiness. During this type of situation, all you need to do is treat the current Drool rash and prevent a new one from coming out.

Drool rash will start coming out at the baby’s cheeks and mouth area at the initial stage. Then it will start spreading to the fold of the neck.

Drool rash looks like a flat and marginally red patch that comes with tiny red bumps. Sometimes they show chapped presence too. Drooling will spread if your kid uses a pacifier that is keeping the skin wet around the kid’s mouth or if your kid keeps the food in their mouth for a long time.

Drool rash will give your kid a tough time and irritate his/her delicate skin undoubtedly if you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Reasons Behind Drool Rash

Saliva is generally enriched with digestive juices, and this digestive juices always stay on kid’s skin. When the kid rubs his/her skin in pillows, sheets, toys, clothes and many other things due to the irritation, then the drool rash spreads all over the kid’s skin.

At the initial stage, although this rash is harmless, if you don’t take care of this rash, it will spread to your kid’s skin. And it will turn into another condition named “impetigo.” This situation is well-known as a contagious bacterial infection.

However, let’s find out the possible reasons for drool rash from below

However, let’s find out the possible reasons for drool rash from below


Teething: The first and foremost reason for drooling is teething. At the time of teething, kids are continuously troubling on their hands or a teether. Due to this, the saliva comes out from the inner part of their mouth that drips down at the sides of their face, at the folded area of their necks, and even it goes down the chest area.

Pacifier: When your baby sucks on their pacifier, saliva comes out of his/her drips, which separates the drool in this area. If the pacifier locks the saliva into the place, your kids will be affected by the drool rash soon because no air can dry out that area.

Food: After eating, if smeared food stays on your baby’s face for a more extended period, this will let the drool rah increase at the around of your kid’s mouth. To get rid of this, keep a cloth nearby to wipe out any remains left from eating.

How to Prevent Drool Rash Toddler?

How to Prevent Drool Rash Toddler


Generally, Prevention is always better than cure – it is a common myth. If your baby gets affected by drool rash, there is a chance of increasing this problem if not identified and not taken care of properly. So, if you would like to prevent drool rash from your kid’s skin, you can take the following prevention without delay.

  • Whenever your baby’s cloth gets wet with drool, change it as early as possible. A damp or wet cloth will lead your kid to get affected by drool rash.
  • Keep muslin cloths supply as much as possible. Keep them within your reach and whenever you go outside the trip, keep them in your bag. Change your baby’s cloth when they drool.
  • After every feed, don’t forget to give a thorough cleaning to your kid’s mouth and the fold of the neck.
  • Look for an absorbent bib and purchase them. The absorbent bib will keep the cloth and chin away from getting wet. This will help you a lot to keep your baby safe from drool rash.
  • During bedtime, using a preventive cream will be an option. Thus, the drool will not come in contact with your baby’s skin.
  • During the teething phase, don’t force your kid to eat hard foods. They might not be able not to eat hard foods because of the inflammation in the gums. Try to cook different recipes for them, which is full of nutrition too.

When the baby drools and rubs his/her face in the drooling area, the situation can become worse than ever. To keep the situation under control, soak the area, moist it adequately, then put a washcloth under the bedsheet. An absorbent bib will also be helpful to keep your baby safe from the drool. You have to be attentive to the drool of your baby in order to prevent drool rash.

Except for the above suggestions, you can follow the below options too as a part of prevention.

Use a bib on your baby

If your baby is continuously drooling and as a result, their clothes are getting wet, start using a bib on them. Also, keep your eyes on the bib because if it gets wet, then the bib needs to be changed as soon as possible.
The bib will keep your baby’s chest away from getting wet. And you can use a bib to wipe out the drool away.

Keeping your baby’s skin dry is mandatory

Keeping your baby’s skin dry is mandatory


Do you want to know what the best prevention method of drool rash is? If you can keep your baby’s chest, neck clean and dry always, that is the best prevention, and undoubtedly your baby will remain safe from getting affected by drool rash. The skin of these areas is sensitive and delicate. Drool rash is making these areas prone to irritation. Use muslin cloths to wipe and clean these areas gently.

Also, whenever your baby is traveling with you, don’t forget to keep muslin cloths with you. These clothes will allow you to keep your baby clean and fresh. Means, whenever you need a cloth to clean your baby’s face and neck, you can easily clean it up without doing delay. Stay proactive too in keeping your baby’s neck and face clean and help them to get prevented from drool rash.

Offer a teething ring

If you found that, your baby is drooling due to teething, suggest something for their exudates. A teething ring will control the drooling that happened by teething.

Baby’s swollen gums will soothe due to the coolness of the ring. Even, this coolness will give them relief if they are already affected by the drool rash.

Treatment for Drool Rash

The drool rash will begin recuperation once you begin the following treatments for drool rash.

Clean the Drool Rash Area using Cleanser twice in a day

Clean the Drool Rash Area using Cleanser twice in a day


To keep your baby safe from drool rash, clean the affected area twice in a day.

Use cleansing water (definitely doctor prescribed) which will be ideal to use between the bath time and when you are on the go. Use the cleaning water thoroughly to your baby’s face and affected area using a soft cloth. It will be best after cleaning with the cleansing water if you don’t rinse the affected area.

If you are not in a rush, use cold cream (definitely doctor prescribed) and water to wash the affected area. Gently clean the body and affected area of your baby.

I believe continuous use of the above suggestion will slow down the spread of drool rash, and the affected area will start healing.

Please note down, not to rub the affected area too much because it will irritate your baby’s skin and they will feel uncomfortable for sure.

Applying a Soothing Cream can be another Option

Applying a Soothing Cream can be another Option


Once you clean the affected area, apply a soothing cream. Soothing cream will always keep your baby’s delicate skin moisturized. You will find different types of soothing cream at your nearest store. Purchase one as per the doctor’s prescription and use it in the affected area.

This type of natural ointment will keep the affected area fresh, and your baby will get relief from itchiness. Soothing creams are ideal enough to keep your baby’s delicate skin moisturized, and they are safe to use too.

During a Bath time, use a Gentle Baby Wash

For similarly treatment, select a gentle child wash as per the doctor’s prescription And apply that in the tub time every day till the drool rash removes out of your baby’s skin. This type of wash will block the drool coming back to your baby’s skin.

Gentle baby washes are full of natural ingredients to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

Irritating materials should be avoided

During your baby’s drool rash period, you should not use any harsh chemicals to wash your baby’s cloth. Definitely, you don’t want to promote irritation on your baby’s skin. It is advisable not to use any scented lotion, harsh soaps and instead of these things use gentle, soothing soap and cream to give your baby comfort.

Follow the above treatment and give your baby a beautiful and delicate skin as they have.

When to consult a doctor?

How to Prevent Drool Rash Toddler


At the beginning of this article, it is already said that drool rash is not a harmful one, and it is not linked with any other medical severe diseases. But, you should be careful enough regarding drool rash if you find the below symptoms

• Fever.
• Feeling difficulty taking a breath in and out.
• Not interested in eating.
• Infrequent fussiness.

Also, if you notice that the rash is increasing with a significantly increased rate, creating pain and your baby is feeling uncomfortable, don’t do it late. It is better to rush to a doctor to get better medication. Even if you follow all the treatment but still drool rash is not going out or not showing any sign of improvement, take your baby to a consultant and follow the advice.

A doctor will assist your baby to get relief from the rash and prescribe some ointment and cream to use. All the medicine will heal the rash faster and block the rash for in addition to spreading.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do I stop a drool rash?

Answer: There are several ways to stop drool rash. They are

• Your baby’s skin should be kept dried. Especially the neck, chest, and chin area.
• Change the damp clothes on a priority basis.
• Ensure, no residue of food is available on your kid’s face. Everything should be cleaned off.
Applying mild barrier cream inside the affected area can be one of the ideal choices.

Question: Does drool rash itch?

Answer: If you do research, you will not find a drool rash in the contagious disease list. Even, it is not linked to any other dangerous diseases. However, you will see red, itchy and bumpy patches on the skin of your baby. Your baby may feel pain and uncomfortable. If the drool rash gets worse, it may cause itchiness on your baby’s skin.

Question: Is it drool rash or eczema?

Answer: Drool rash will begin on the chest and neck area of your kid. This rash has the ability to develop in both areas. You will find this rash as red patches, and sometimes they will create bad smells too. The teething rash is one kind of eczema. Means, you can call it eczema.

Question: Can I use coconut oil for drool rash?

Answer: Yes, you can apply coconut oil in the drool affected area because coconut oil works as an excellent lubricant that can heal the irritation. Also, coconut oil contains an antibacterial compound in it. This compound blocks the secondary infection.

Question: How long does a drool rash last?

Answer: Scientists have given us good news about drool rash which is when your baby is 15 – 18 months, you can consult a doctor if your kid gets affected by drool rash. After proper medication, your kid will get rid of this problem within the next few months.

Drool Rash: Overview

Drool Rash Overview


Undoubtedly, your toddler will feel discomfort if s/he receives affected due to drool rash. You will need to find out the culprit of these rashes. Whether it is teething, a pacifier or messy food left on your baby’s face. Whoever the culprit is, you need to fight against it.

Don’t forget to apply ointment, keep your baby’s cloth and skin dry. Otherwise, the delicacy of your kid’s skin will lose. They will look dull and gloomy.

Follow all the above suggestions and steps to keep your baby safe from drool rash.

I believe none of the parents can see their baby crying due to pain. Because I am also a parent and I can’t leave my children to carry a painful problem. It is sure; if you don’t follow proper preventive tips and strategies, you will not see a good result. You need to understand that, if you don’t follow the treatment as it is said, you can’t get the most benefit from the treatment.

I believe this article will help you a lot to prevent the drool rash problem and you will be able to see the smiley face of your baby by following the above suggestions. I believe your comfort is depending on your baby’s happiness.

Last but not the least advice is, don’t delay if the situation gets worse than your expectations. Make a call to a doctor, make an appointment and rush to the doctor’s place without being late.